Brand New to Blogging

When I think about it, I’ve been blogging without the blog all year long. At the end of every school week, I write a lengthy summary to parents about what went on. I tell them about what we did, why we did it, and what the kids said while it was going on. And then I reflect. I look at the big picture of everything and put my interpretation on it. Once all that is done, I take it all and use it to help me decide where to go next.

With all this writing, I’ve been flirting with starting a blog for awhile. I love writing about my class. I love writing about learning. I love writing period. So why not start a blog?

I’m sure some of my hesitation comes out of stage fright, out of fear. Does anyone (besides my classroom parents and probably my family) want to read what I write about teaching? Even if they do, will what I write be any good?

After much reflection, I’ve decided to give it a try. I figured out that my reasons for why I want to do this outweigh the fears that prevented me from trying it earlier. The writing I do for my weekly emails is for others. I want to do some writing that is for me. I want a space to work out my thoughts. But, I don’t just want a journal. I want a dialogue. I want my thoughts to provoke others. I want others’ responses to my thoughts to provoke me.

Sure, I want to share. I want to broadcast the brilliant, insightful, compassionate thoughts that come out of four year old minds. I want to display the exciting and creative work we do together. I want to vent when spending 8 hours a day with 20- 4 year old temperaments becomes overwhelming, exhausting, infuriating (as it is wont to do). I hope others enjoy what I share

But after they enjoy it, I hope I hear back. I hope I hear back from teachers who offer insight, ask questions, and reach out to commiserate. I hope to hear from parents who are looking to understand Early Childhood Education.

I got started because a mentor, colleague, and friend encouraged me to join a teacher writing challenge. So, for my very first month I will be writing daily in an effort to meet the Slice of Life Story Challenge.

See you March 1st for Story one. Here goes!