Feeling like a Princess

So today is my actual birthday. I was celebrated and showered by my class Friday. I got my hair cut and nails done yesterday and had a party with my friends last night. I spent today eating delicious food and watching Frozen and receiving phone calls, FaceTimes, text messages, and facebook notes, and doing NOTHING else.

I gave myself the gift of a work-free weekend. I spent Friday’s planning period planning ahead for the coming week. I think I need to try harder to make this a habit. It is nice to be firmly into Sunday night and not have any planning to think through. It was done for me before I even left school.

I am relaxed and joyful and feeling so full of love.

I feel like it’s been a week since I’ve been at school. And I think I needed that.

At the moment, I truthfully don’t feel ready to go back tomorrow. But I will save that worry for when the alarm clock goes off.

For now, I’m going to continue basking in the glow of the outrageously delicious and fancy dinner I had, courtesy of my boyfriend. And I’m going to put on the  DVR and watch the heck out of the season finale of The Walking Dead.

With that, I sigh a peaceful and joyful sigh and leave to finish savoring my day.


4 thoughts on “Feeling like a Princess

  1. Again, Happy Birthday, Laura! Your best line, your best goal, your best gift: “I spent Friday’s planning period planning ahead for the coming week.” You gave yourself the very best gift by having a school-free weekend. I hope you are able to make this a habit! Kudos on blogging for a solid month, too – tomorrow’s our last day…but then you can maybe make “Tuesday Slice” a habit! 😉

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