Up on the Roof

Today was finally sunny. Today was finally warm. Today the breeze was invigorating. Today, I could finally use my roof deck.

I moved into a new house with my boyfriend and some new roommates in September. Our house has a roof deck. And we got to use it about 1 1/2 times before it got cold.

But today as I bopped my way home, I  knew I was headed straight for the roof.

I went up, sat down, called my mom, and ate some Doritos.

Once I was off the phone with my mom, I put my phone down. And I just sat there. Disconnected. Just being.

I just sat there on a rooftop in the middle of Washington, DC.

The magic of an ear that’s lived the city life for five years is that it has a magical revisionist power.

I tuned out the helicopters and sirens.  I tuned out voice noise. I listened to the wind in the trees. And soon, I was at the beach. My brain converted the traffic hum to crashing waves. It interpreted all bird sounds as seagull calls.

I listened to the ebb and flow, took in the sun, drank the breeze.

And I was reset, rejuvenated, ready to take on all my evening responsibilities.

I look forward to establishing this escape as my daily wind down. I think it’s going to to great things for me.


On a separate note…

I did it! I started a blog 32 days ago and wrote once a day for 31 days. I am confident I cannot keep up a daily habit from here on out. But this has been thought-provoking, cathartic, energizing, and a helpful reflective tool. I would like to keep writing.

I would like to grow as a writer.

I would like to turn away from writing about my experience as a teacher and turn toward sharing my students’ thoughts and my reflections on them.

I would like to see where it goes.

Only time will tell!



6 thoughts on “Up on the Roof

  1. Congratulations on a month of blogging, Laura! Sounds like you found the perfect way to celebrate – up on your roof! Gorgeous evening here in the D.C. area. I have really enjoyed connecting with you daily this month – kudos to you!

  2. Congrats to a great month of writing and a perfect way to celebrate – on the roof!! My husband designed us a house in Arlington and it is beginning to be built and will have a rooftop deck. Your slice made me get even more excited for this new place to hang out. I teach in FCPS. How about you?

  3. Congrats!!! Congrats on getting to the roof top and Congrats on finishing your slice challenge! You are an amazing writer! I truly believe I am going to read your book one day! Way to go Laura!

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