Back to Reality

Spring break was everything I needed it to be.

It was relaxing. It was restorative. It was fun. It was focused.

I went on adventures with visiting family.

I binge watched tv.

I got a massage.

I got my nails done.

I cooked amazing meals.

I visited my family in Connecticut.

I visited my boyfriend’s family.

I reconnected with a dear friend.

I had dinner with another dear friend.

I even sucked it up and got some work done.

Now I’m up. A little underslept. A lot over-allergied. Am I ready?

I have plans. I’m going in a bit early to set up. I know what I want to do.

But Am I ready?

Am I ready for 20 kids?

Am I ready for behavior plans?

Am I ready to start Spring assessments?

There is so much to do before this year is out.

I have tons of fantasies about all the cool things I will teach the kids and all the fun things we will do together and all the skills I will get them up to speed on. And I know they can’t all fit.

I have to get report cards done.

I have to keep the worms fed.

I have to make sure the chicks hatch.

I have to help with hiring committees.

I have four MAJOR projects to get through before I 100% get my certification.

I have three major evaluations to ace.

I have three weddings, three bachelorettes, and four rounds of eagerly-awaited visitors coming up.

I have my school’s fundraising gala to go to.

I have Girl Scouts to help out with.

I have to sleep and eat.

I am terrified about the next 8 weeks.

I know I can do it. I know summer will come one way or another and I will get everything done and I will be relieved yet sad when the year is over.

But facing it is absolutely daunting.

I guess, just like my father always says, I have no choice but to take it a day at a time. Maybe even a step at a time.

So step one: time to conquer breakfast.



2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Well, it is pretty darn awesome that you blogged before breakfast!! If that’s not a sign that you have your act together, I don’t know what is!! Glad your break was so awesome and I hope you were showered with love today. Here’s to the wild finale of the school year!!!

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